Art- Painting Landscapes

The students have been continuing to work on their landscapes. They have been very creative in their depictions as well. We gave Ms. O’Connor her card today and she loved it. Thanks for everything Ms. Martina and have a great summer!

Creative Expression

We were very fortunate this week to have a REAL PROFESSIONAL AUTHOR, Robert Magnuson come to our class. He showed us how he finds motivation for his books and even shared a new, unpublished book that he is working on. He also showed us what processes he goes through when he is making a graphic novel. We were so inspired by his visit that we began making our own graphic novels. Thanks so much for coming in!

Step Up Day

This week the students were able to get a taste of what it is going to be like in the 3rd Grade. The Spooky Wookys were able to visit 3 classrooms and interact with different teachers from the grade level. They reported having an immense amount of fun. I also received emails from all of the teachers in 3rd grade commenting on what a great group of students are in this class!

MATH- 3 Digit Split Addition & Subtraction

The students have really come a long way this year. They began the year with a basic understanding of how to add and subtract one and two digit numbers. This week we connected our 3 digit addition and subtraction strategies to real-life situations in order to make the learning more meaningful. It was amazing to watch the students take a 500 peso bill, purchase an item and calculate the change. They then took the change and purchased another item and calculated the change. They were amazing collaborations and did some fantastic critical thinking and problem solving. Well done Spooky Wookys!

MATH- Telling Time

This week the students explored the various features of an analog clock. We discovered how the minute hand is longer than the hour hand. We also learned that when the minute hand moves around the clock, the hour hand also moves (but much more slowly). We are also making sure that we can distinguish time on the 1/2 hour.


The students continued solidifying their understanding of 3-digit split addition and did a geometry scavenger hunt. They were required to go around the school and photograph polygons that they thought no other group would find. They did an excellent job and their knowledge is growing daily.



Mr. Steve paid us a visit today to talk about graphic. The discussion had lots of new vocabulary that was shared and discussed. We also learned about how to set up a graphic for the best reading experience possible.